How Christians are dealing with Covid (including Vaccinations)

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Is my vaccine choice something that should be made public?

With all of the people pushing vaccines like their 401k is depending on it, it’s hard to make the right choice regarding getting one. It’s harder when all of your friends are basically telling you that you are evil if you don’t get one.

However, anytime celebrities have been rounded up to push something out to the masses, it always raises skepticism among those who don’t follow a secular lifestyle.

To be very clear, we are not trying to persuade you one way or another with this post. In fact we feel that your health decisions should be made between you and God. We also feel that the latest attempts at collecting data regarding your physical health and health choices are in direct violation of your privacy. Let’s see what others are thinking about it.

Franklin Graham

From Newsweek – “Franklin Graham Again Urges Evangelicals to Get COVID Vaccines as Group Remains Hesitant”

Prominent evangelical Christian leader Franklin Graham once again urged hesitant Americans to get vaccinated against COVID-19, warning that the pandemic is “not over” and that the novel coronavirus “could kill you.” Polling has shown that evangelical Christians are among the demographics most skeptical about the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines. A number of Christian leaders have urged the religious community to get vaccinated, touting the vaccines’ safety, as have former President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers. But vaccination rates have slowed across the country, driven partly by conservatives who are unwilling to get the shot. “For me as a Christian, it’s very easy for me to support the vaccine,” Graham, the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and of Samaritan’s Purse, told CNN during a Sunday interview. “Because as a Christian, Jesus Christ came to this Earth to save life.” — Read the Full Article

What we Think

Ok, so Franklin Graham supports the vaccine. That’s fine. Though, if you look at the sentiment of this article it’s weighted against those who are unwilling to get the shot and basically labeling them as Trump supporters. It’s not plain as day but you can read between the lines.

It’s also not necessarily a bad thing to be labeled as a Trump supporter, however, when the scathing mass media makes you feel like a villain for your beliefs, it’s not too far off that just being a Christian will put you in the same negative bucket.

I’m also not sure why they are lumping in Christians with “Conservatives” in this post. It seems like there is a war on conservatism at the moment. By associating Christians with conservatives you can then make the leap that there is a lack of popularity in social and mass media. 

Church Sanctuary

From BBC News – “Christians link up for coastal path Covid prayers”

About 3,000 Christians formed prayer groups at one-mile intervals along a coastal path to pray for those bereaved by the pandemic.

Each group then prayed for 30 minutes at 10:30 BST as part of the event.

Pastor Mark Pugh said: “Some were individuals going to the mile spots, others were church groups so there was a real change of dynamics at each of those points.”

The South West Coast Path runs from Minehead, Somerset, to Poole, Dorset. — Read the rest of this article here

What We Think

It’s always great when a group of people get together and pray. A social gathering where people can come together and strengthen their faith is the life blood of a lot of Christians.

However, If you read the article one of the quotes in the article is People are trying to get back to grips with life and in installments – as and when we’ve been allowed.

This makes me sad. Here’s why. It’s the “when we’ve been allowed” part. How is this being determined? What metrics are being used that decide that being in church is bad for society. Especially when certain other things are not. 

For example, I was at Walmart several times during the middle of the pandemic. (I know, it’s not my favorite thing to admit) However, there were people everywhere. There were lines forming in the “self serve” checkout lines and “social distances” were not being observed. There were people grouped up in small aisles. People were touching and adjusting their masks and some people would even take off their masks to see better.

So why is all of that allowed, while attending a church to pray is not? It’s hard not to think that the decisions regarding this pandemic are being led by evil. Something is clearly wrong when “what you are allowed to do” is based on money and corporate greed instead of faith and love.

Please check out the Verse of the Day, or if you are feeling up to it, take a peak at a Random Bible Verse and see what God is trying to tell you today.

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