Inspirational bible verses to help you stir up your faith and ignite your Christian walk!

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Feeling the need to be encouraged and uplifted? We trust these inspirational bible verses will help you find the inspiration you need. We challenge you to get into agreement with God and declare these truths for yourself!

We hope these bible verses will be an encouragement to stir up your faith and help you to come up higher in every area of life!

Sometimes we are thirsty for a drink from God's word. Welcome to an oasis. Here you will find water from the well of the Word of God - bible verses that truly refresh and satisfy.

More encouraging and uplifting words of inspiration are yet to come. We trust that God will use his Word to encourage, refresh and inspire as a result!

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Encouraging Bible Verses
Encouraging bible verses to lift your spirit and inspire your heart.
Giving Bible Verses
Here are a collection of giving bible verses to encourage your generous spirit and be blessed!
Healing Scriptures
Healing Scriptures
Faith Bible Verses
An inspiring collection of faith bible verses and faith quotes to uplift and encourage your spirit!
Prayer Bible Verses
An excellent selection of bible verses to encourage your prayer life!
The Bible and Money - Money Bible Verses
The Bible and Money-What does the Bible have to say about money and prosperity? Here you will find an excellent selection of verses from the Bible on money.
Famous Bible Verses
Famous bible verses and commonly quoted scriptures to inspire and encourage your faith!
Peace Bible Verses
An excellent selection of peace bible verses to encourage your spirit to trust in God for the peace He has promised!
Love Bible Verses
Famous love bible verses perfect for weddings or personal study including the Love Chapter: 1 Corinthians 13.
Short Bible Verses
These short bible verses are a great place to start for memorizing scripture!
Wedding Bible Verses
Wedding bible verses suitable for including in a wedding ceremony.
Funeral Bible Verses
Looking for some funeral bible verses?
In Christ Bible Verses
These in Christ bible verses will encourage you and give you a clear understanding of your place in Christ as God sees you.
Thanksgiving Bible Verses
Looking for thanksgiving bible verses? Here is a good selection to encourage your spirit to be more thankful!
Bible Proverbs
"A sampling of Bible Proverbs from each chapter of Proverbs"
Children Bible Verses
Looking for a great selection of children bible verses?
Bible Verses For Children
Jesus loved children and God has specific bible verses for children...
God's Will
Ever wonder what Gods Will is for your life? Who can know it?
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Christmas Store
Looking for a Christian Christmas Store?
Christian Jewelry
Looking for Christian jewelry for yourself or for a gift? Here's a lovely selection of quality Christian items.
Inspirational Posters
An inspiring selection of Christian posters to encourage and uplift your spirit.
Christian Home Decor
Looking for Christian home decor items. Why not allow your home decor to reflect the beauty of your Christian
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